Welcome to the musical homepage of husband and wife duo Jan and Bruce Mundy. The Candelight Combo is a family affair - matching costumes visually reflect a meticulous blend of vocals and instrumentals, a close harmony, which has matured over 30 years of performing together. The musical Mundy’s motto, “The family that plays together stays together,” comes with assurances that all puns are purely intentional. Those booking this duo relax contentedly, knowing they have a stable rehearsed group; no last minute substitutions due to personality or artistic squabbles.
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German Fest
Light Rock
Happy music, distinctively styled, draws audiences which enjoy ballroom dancing and socializing, without going home with sore throats from shouting above loud amplifiers. While Candlelight does use amplification, it has shown mature judgment in modulating volume for its audiences' listening comfort and enjoyment.
A variety of instrumentation is unique to this solid duo. Audiences frequently are surprised to find two people sounding like a large orchestra. The couple plays accordion, organ, electric bass, trombone, and tuba. Solo and duet vocals add even more variety to their act. Electronic orchestral accompaniment authenticates effects from German Oompah Band to full Latin orchestra with amazing percussion section. The accordion is a midi controller for hundreds of instruments.
The agent booking this duo truly gets a bargain, for the price of a duo he or she gets a full orchestra! For more information contact Jan and Bruce at booking_information@candlelightcombo.com